What does it mean to be an Education Professional?

Oh sir, by no means is “An Early Childhood Professional” a babysitter.  In fact, before I taught kindergarten, I actually thought the same way.  I remember even asking myself “What do kindergarten teachers do?” Teaching for them must be so easy, until, well I was placed in that very environment to teach.  I quickly learned how naïve I was. You have the task of taking children from various backgrounds, academic levels, and socioeconomic status and developing them to become readers, thinkers, mathematicians and most important of all, planting the seed and teaching them life skills and character traits. I had some of my most intriguing teaching experiences as a kindergarten teacher.  I learned more deeply about how young children learn, how they grow, and how emotions are real.  You sir, may actually be interested in reading the book, “All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten?” by Robert Fulgham. It is quite interesting, how he relates so many of the traits learned at such a tender age, to real life adult scenarios.

Furthermore sir, let me ask you a few questions, “What is your career or chosen work?”  How did you get to that point?” “Was it alone or did someone guide or mentor you?”  I wouldn’t be surprised if you stated you had help from someone. One of my favorite pieces of artwork is a piece drawn by Johnny Myers where he has an adult figure looking similar to Rosa Parks holding her arms around a group of children. The children are dressed in different career professional outfits. i.e. a priest, minister, judge, doctor, athlete, teacher, etc.  The phrase above them states “Teachers make all other professions possible.”  The more I muse over the statement, I believe without any of us to move forward, we learned from someone else; we learned from a teacher. Lastly before my floor comes up, take a moment to search the poem “What Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali.  You’ll definitely know by then, that an Early Childhood Professional is definitely not a babysitter, oh quite the contrary!!! Good Day Sir!


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