Scholar Practitioners as Program Evaluators

As I continue to work in the field of Childhood education, I desire more and more to become impactful and effect change.  I am inspired by stories of leadership and heroes that made changes in organizations by their sole work ethic or beliefs. It reminds me that one person can make a change, although it may seem that one voice doesn’t have enough impact.  I am hoping to become well versed in my craft to be an effective coach and leader of educators.  It is my goal to teach teachers to use best practices to become the best at their crafts; which in turn will positively effect student achievement.

The content in this course will directly impact what I do.  As a leader/coach, just like with our students, we have to know them to teach them; I will have to know and understand my teachers’ true talents and abilities, to coach them to success.  I will need to know how they teach, and what areas they need development in.  Using evaluation is the only way that I will be able to accurately know the areas that they need support. Utilizing the content in this course to help me evaluate and support programs will be influential to my success.

A simple best practice that I have from past experiences with program evaluation is to always include a comment box when giving or creating surveys.  No matter how genuinely we create a survey, they are not one size fits all.  People often like to have a comment box to explain a reason or a detail. If all questions cannot include an open ended/comment, then at least one as a summary to the survey.   This also opens the door to the person being surveyed. It states that they have a true opportunity to share their feelings and that their voice through a comment.

The process of evaluating program quality will both impact me as well as educational programs by shedding light on procedures.  Once again, as a leader, I can use the evaluations to inform my practice.  The data will not only show what areas need improvement, but it will also guide my leadership style. I will become better acquainted with the needs of my staff, therefore affecting how I need to lead.